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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Stimulus Money Debate Has Americans Waiting Breathlessly

Will people have to sacrifice their health so they can continue feeding their families?

Stimulus money is a hot topic these days, amidst the corona virus pandemic. People are concerned about the livelihood of their families. 

Sacrificing your health to continue feeding your family should not be the only option. 

While the politicians debate about the stimulus money on the horizon, Americans are waiting breathlessly. 

Stimulus Money Paid

The stimulus money already paid out of the first 2 trillion-dollar budget was, and still is a controversial subject. 

Critics on one side felt it was too much, while the people who needed it the most felt it wasn’t enough. For most Americans, the money is spent, yet they’re still struggling to feed their families.

This CARES ACT (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) was called a “stimulus” but it clearly did nothing to actually stimulate our failing economy.

While it might have provided some much-needed relief to many Americans and at least some of the nation’s businesses; the first round of government assistance fell extremely short of what was needed.

Follow-on Stimulus Bill

The next round of funds, referred to as a “follow-on bill” was particularly meant to help small businesses, with important employee issues like Paycheck Protection and Health Care Enhancement Act

But one again, critics on both sides complained. There were many justifiable complaints about the shortcomings of the bill and how it was implemented. 

Among other things, there was the failure to include protection and hazard pay for first responders and front line workers. This is definitely something that has to be addressed in the future.

Future Stimulus Money

Now, after the inadequacy of the follow-on funding, yet another stimulus bill is being discussed. Hopefully the next one will go a lot further and do a lot more. 

A particular focus will be on helping cities and state governments all over the nation. Their budgets are being depleted, thanks to COVID-19.
Many cities and states worry about not being able to fund their schools, hospitals, police and fire departments, etc.

As of right now (Wednesday, May 13, 2020), nothing is certain. The need for the bill is still being debated, not to mention, they will still have to decide on the specifics.

But whatever specifics, and logistics that Congress has to work out (in a bi-partisan way), they will most certainly have to agree on, and pass something.

While the nation could definitely use a stimulus to the economy, most people are in such bad shape, any future stimulus money won't do much stimulating. It will merely serve as a much needed relief valve

And the need for this relief is painfully evident.

To consider how much of a financial relief this money on the horizon is,

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