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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Stimulating the Economy Will Take All Kinds of Spending

Are you thinking about investing, when you’re not worried about paying your bills? 

Stimulating the economy is on the minds of the current administration, yet they don’t seem to care how it’s done. 

But eventually, they have to accept the inevitable; the only people able to help stimulate the economy right now, are those who are not worried about paying bills.

Stimulating the Economy
Stimulating the economy is a fancy expression that is often used in the financial or political world. 

But even a layman like me can see that more than one type of spending is definitely going to be needed. 

Too many people are worried about their bills and livlihood. No one cares if the “economy” is struggling, if they’re too busy struggling themselves.

You can bet that the majority of the people waiting breathlessly for the next round of cash relief, doesn’t give a hoot about stimulating the darn economy.

But believe it or not, there are some people in a better position to help, when it comes to financial stimulation.

Another Kind of Spending
Experts in the financial world are well aware that a real stimulus to the economy will require much more than people simply being able to pay their bills. 

Clearly, another kind of spending is needed, beyond people paying for the necessities of life. Luxury, or at least non-essential spending is crucial. 

From big ticket items, to little ticket purchases; nothing adds up quite like impulse shopping. 

But even planned and well-thought out purchases and spending can help the economy, when you’re paying for non-essential stuff.

All the financial experts realize that not all individuals have been hit as hard as others. 

That’s why stock brokers and investment firms seem to be coming out of the woodwork. 

Could that be why now, more than ever, you see ads and apps, encouraging people to invest?

Fears About Investing
I’m not exactly sure where investing falls into the scheme of things, but I do know that it helps the economy. 

Some of you may be getting nervous at just the thought of investing (I know I am).

You’re probably telling yourself: “My little nest egg is just fine, right where it is; under my mattress.” 

Okay, so maybe it’s actually in a savings account. But here’s what one expert wrote about that:
”Letting cash sit idle: Cash sitting idly in your savings account earns next to nothing, and when you factor in taxes and inflation, you are likely losing money in this low interest rate.”

With that said, this might just be the right time to really give some thought to moving your money to a better location.

Investing to Stimulate Economy
Have you been thinking about investing as your way to help stimulate the economy? 

If investing is on your mind, and you’re in a position to do it, there are lots of popular apps currently available.

If you’re anything like me and a lot of other folks, you’re clueless when it comes to investing. 

Here is a list of investing companies that kept popping up when I was browsing the web.

Make sure to do your homework before you ever even give anyone your name, let alone your information. 


Investing Related Resources
Although I’m not really in a position to invest (to stimulate the economy, or for any other reason), I’m definitely interested in the subject.

So in addition to the above list of investing apps, I’ve provided some investing related resources. 

As an author and affiliate marketer, I’m always looking for useful Amazon titles to promote, just like the publications below.

If I ever do decide to invest, it will only be after I do my own due diligence, and learn at least a little bit about investing. 

So whether you use the following resources, or you locate your own, my suggestion is: 

Learn what you don’t know, before investing your money! 

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