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Monday, May 4, 2020

Reconnecting with My Creative Family During the Corona Virus Lockdown

Do you know what your family members are up to during the new normal?


Reconnecting with family members during the COVID-19 lock down has been a great experience for me. I wrote about it in the post:

How Many Families Will COVID-19 Bring Together?

I’ve been trying to stay productive since I live in California, and we’re on a stay-at-home order. Our Governor (Gavin Newsom) is not messing around with this virus. KUDOS to him!

Since I’ve been reconnecting with different family members, I’ve been reminded just how creative and talented that so many of them are. 

I’m discovering what things some of my out-of-state family is doing to keep themselves busy. It’s been so much fun, reconnecting and seeing what they’re up to, I decided to share it with all of you.

Creative Family Member
My sister Charletta lives in Chicago, and she’s off work from her job until the end of May. So while her eldest daughter in North Carolina is pondering what to plant in her garden, Charletta has been pulling out boxes of all her old poetry.  

Letta is an older diva like me, so trust me when I say it’s been decades since she broke out the treasure trove of poetry that she wrote in another lifetime.
While I’ve always been the writer in the family, Charletta’s creativity has always been singing (although she was also quite the dancer in her day).

She wasn’t interested in making a video, so the most I could do was convince her to recite the poems in an audio file, then I added some images, like a slide show. 

Creativity at Work
We put a little creativity to work and had fun laughing over the project we put together. The poems cover the period both before, and during the time her and my brother-in-law were raising their four daughters, who now have families of their own.

Some of the poems she read me, I’d already heard her recite, way back when, and some I had never heard. 

I have to admit, she showed a lot of maturity in her writing, even at an early age, especially with the more-weighty subjects. Like most young teen girls or women coming into adulthood, she wrote a lot of poetry about love and relationships. 

Introducing Letta B.

One of my favorites was the one you can read if you follow the link below. It’s called “A House a Little Out of Hand” and it’s funny and very relatable.
Though it was written long before the covid virus, it undoubtedly applies to a lot of households today.  In fact, every parent (especially moms) can relate to the house in this poem.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, don’t hesitate to let the author know, by clicking the LIKE button on Youtube, and share it with someone else (preferably another mother).

You can take advantage of the time we find ourselves living in, whether you’re already close to your family members, or you have trouble maintaining a connection with them, for one reason or another.  

COVID-19 has proven to us, that there is no such thing as “going back to normal” so start thinking about what you want your new normal to look like, and who you want to have in it. 

Is there anyone missing from it? Then check in and connect with them. You may not be able to connect with everyone you want, but at least you’ll know you tried.