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Friday, May 8, 2020

New Netflix Special is BECOMING a Message of Hope!

Why is former First Lady Michelle Obama delivering a message of hope and unity while the current president is still spewing hate?

During the COVID-19 crisis, Netflix is among the many online entertainment platforms for die-hard stay-at-homers to enjoy.

I live in Los Angeles, California, with a governor that respects this virus, so I stay at home. When I'm not busy writing or trying to find something else productive to do, I watch a lot of Netflix. 

Last night, I was thrilled to enjoy the Michelle Obama Netflix special called "Becoming." 

Positive Message of Hope

Not only did I enjoy how entertaining and forthright the former First Lady was in the video special, but I noticed how a distinct message of hope and unity was being sounded throughout the program.

As always, I found the words coming from Michelle Obama to be very positive and very powerful. According to this dynamic woman who is still so deeply admired:

"I remain hopeful that people want better. If not for themselves, for the next generation."

These words were spoken about all people, not just black, brown, red, and yellow, but white America as well.  Surely, even Trump supporters will eventually get tired of his never-ending message of hate.


Unity Versus Hate

In a COVID-19 world where people are dropping dead like flies, there is a definite need for words that help us unite. This is no time for political squabbles.

Unity will get us closer to finding a cure for the corona virus, much faster than hate talk. But hate is what continues to come from the current administration, both in word and in deed. Hate and blame.

As usual, President Trump has employed the use of his bully pulpit in a scandalous way. He has managed to instill fear in millions of Americans during this crisis. 

What kind of world leader encourages armed citizens to angrily protest a governor who is only trying to keep them safe?

People are worried, and rightly so. It's not enough that the president is busy undercutting the health professionals who should be taking the lead during this pandemic. 

But both Trump and his entire administration seem to flaunt their disrespect and disregard for the majority of the population, including health care and front line workers. 

Here's how:

  • Not bothering to wear masks or practice social distancing

  • Encouraging civil unrest and a rejection of health and safety precautions

  • Not providing adequate testing to everyone, everywhere

  • Not shutting down meat plants and factory hot spots

  • Not enforcing transparency of COVID-19 data related to nursing homes and correctional facilities  

  • Not providing adequate financial relief to citizens most affected and hardest hit by COVID-19

  • Not providing citizens with a safe and alternative means of exercising their right to vote in 2020

  • Not mandating that ALL of the nation recognize and follow the CDC guideline

The president has suggested that Americans simply get back out into the world like "warriors" and risk their heath and the health of their loved ones. 

Not only is this unthinkable, but it's crazier than him getting on live television and suggesting people ingest household cleaners into their bodies as a COVID-19 cure. 

His words definitely don't create an atmosphere of hope, and this is the time where we need it more than ever!


Keeping Hope Alive 

With all the above concerns to be worried about, I applaud Michelle Obama, for her book and for the Netflix special. 

She is clearly trying to help keep hope alive, and she encourages each one of us to do the same.

I haven't read Michelle Obama's book [Becoming], but the 32,530 ratings on Amazon indicate that 89% of the readers gave it a 5 star rating. I guess I'll be reading the book soon, if I can ever stop watching Netflix.

This post was not meant to be a political piece, or an opportunity to bash Trump, but rather, to inspire, uplift, and encourage viewers to be motivated by words of hope and unity, and not deceived by a message of hate.