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Monday, May 4, 2020

Which Type of Affiliate Products Are the Best to Promote?

The affiliate products you promote should be useful, necessary, and in demand.

The decision to offer affiliate products on your website or blog is usually a really smart one. Affiliate marketing can be a great source of passive income.

As long as you don’t already have Google or other automatic ads being generated on your sites, there’s probably not a whole lot to worry about.  Get ready to start promoting!

 Affiliate Choices to Consider

There are numerous affiliate choices for you to consider when you don't have advertising conflicts of interest to worry about, or other “terms of service” issues.

All you have to do is select what you want to promote, and sign up for the affiliate program, assuming they have one. Not every product or online service provider does.

Fortunately, there are well-known websites like Clickbank. They're an online company that works as a middle-man between affiliate marketers and product or service providers.  

Clickbank, has been around for YEARS, and some of their member affiliates have been members for nearly as long.

But when it comes time for you to finally select affiliate products to promote, what kind of services or items are best, especially for a newcomer? 

Should you select any and everything that seems to pay a high commission, regardless of what it is?

Not if you want to end up falling down the affiliate marketing black hole.

Active Or Passive Affiliate Marketing

In order to decide on a worthwhile affiliate product(s), you have to ask yourself at least two important questions. 

Ask yourself:

FIRST: Do I want to be an affiliate marketer and invest time into a lot of active marketing or am I primarily interested in passive marketing.

SECOND: Is this affiliate product or service something that I would purchase myself, if I were in the market for whatever?

If you don't have any idea what you hope to accomplish with affiliate marketing, you'll wind up exerting a lot of pointless effort. 

Do you have a desire to spend loads of time promoting and singing someone else's praises all day? 

If the answer is no, then steer clear of products that don't fit your agenda and will probably require active marketing.

Promote products and services that you don't have to explain, or convince your visitors they need. Passive affiliate marketing can be more effective than you realize.

Web User Based Affiliates 

There are lots and lots of affiliate service providers that offer resources for all kinds of web users. These are the best for generating passive affiliate income.

Not every web user is a business professional looking for profitable cyber resources. 

But even a new blogger and virgin webmaster can post some simple, yet profitable links on their site.

Email management, web hosting, social media and video promotion, are all just a few popular activities in demand with nearly every level of internet user. 

These are the kind of affiliate products that are good to promote and can often earn you the best commissions, overall. 

These are also the kind of affiliate products that you can post to your site and go about your business. 

Personally, I like promoting links that I can simply put in place and let the products sell themselves. 

Affiliate Products You Like

Although it’s true that not everything is for everyone, it makes more sense to promote an affiliate product you actually like, versus something you don’t like or would never consider purchasing.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck promoting affiliate links to products that you think are overpriced, misrepresented, or simply not of benefit to your web or blog visitors. 

If the product is not worth your visitor’s time to even bother clicking on the link, they clearly have no interest in buying it. 

Instead, think about the platform of your blog or website, and consider the content you currently offer.

Go through the choices of affiliate products you're selecting from and try to pair your choices with the information you currently provide on your sites.

So remember, to take a little extra time to evaluate the affiliate products you choose to promote. This will save you time in the long run, and probably earn you more affiliate income. 

It will definitely prevent you from falling down the  affiliate marketing black hole.  

Here are some helpful affiliate products that I promote on my sites, because they are useful to basically all types of web users.

Profitable video tips

This book is being offered via Amazon, one of my favorite affiliates, in more ways than one! The subject matter is definitely a good choice, because everyday people have gone absolutely crazy for Youtube videos. They're not just watching them anymore, they're creating their own.

Lots of Youtubers are amateur video makers, and are constantly looking for help with how to get more views and subscribers.

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