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Saturday, May 2, 2020

How Can Writing Articles Online Help You Finally Become an Author?

Writing articles online can be a bridge to finally reaching your goal of writing your first book.

Read how consistent article writing helped turn this freelance writer into a researcher, an instructor, and a publisher.

No matter what your current writing goals happen to be, writing articles online will help bring you closer.

Writing Articles Online

Writing articles online for the past two decades has helped me in more ways than I can count. As a result, I also picked up a lot of other useful skills, including marketing, and self promotion.

Article writing was my bridge to finally reaching many of my other creative goals, including writing my first book, and self-publishing my first novel. 

If you hope to write your first book in 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll have plenty to write about. 

Writing a few articles can help you hone your skills, whether you plan to write about what’s going on, how you feel about it, or something different altogether.

Research and Article Writing

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a teacher. I just wasn't exactly sure why.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my desire to be a teacher had more to do with how much I personally enjoyed learning, rather than me actually loving to teach others. 

Article writing forced me to do research, and I loved it! It felt great, doing my due diligence and trying to find out all I could on the subject I was writing about. 

If you hope to write a book one day, you’ll ultimately have to do some form of research. This is true even when you write fiction. [A future post will discuss this in depth]

Instructional Article Writing

Whatever my motives may have been in the past for wanting to teach, I always liked the idea of sharing what I knew with others, and I still do. 

Years ago, I taught preschool for a while, and that satisfied my teaching desire but eventually I wanted more. 

In other secular jobs, I often found myself having to train one or more individuals, so writing instructional guides came easy for me, when I started writing ebooks. 

I owe the publication of my first ebook to many of those articles I had written. In one way or another, I was able to use all the previously articles I wrote and everything I learned while writing them.

When I went from article writer to self-published ebook author, this provided me another outlet for my desire to teach. 

And of course, I was still writing articles, all about the subject of online writing.

Article Writing and Self-publishing

In spite of the many ebooks I eventually self-published, I didn’t truly embrace my newfound status as an author until I actually published my first novel. 

That is what had truly been my lifelong dream, and I finally attained it, thanks to the skills and self-discipline I learned from my years of article writing.

So now that I’m a self-published author with multiple titles, my next goal is to go from being an unknown, undiscovered author to a known author whose work is read often.

If you have a strong desire to write a book and you just can’t seem to get your writing engine started, why not think about doing some article writing. 

There are even websites that will allow you to earn a little revenue from the articles you post. 

This can sometimes end up causing you to shift your focus, so don’t forget your primary objective:

  • To get used to writing on a regular basis
  • To work and improve your writing skills
  • To increase your confidence in your writing abilities
  • To get you on the path to start writing your first book